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India PGA Pro Gurbaaz Mann accepts a runner up check at an India PGA tournament after returning from a trip to the U.S.A. and being Fit for a new set of clubs by Lotus Golf and its Patented FitChip  shaft fitting system.  Gurbaaz was so happy with the FitChip  system's results that he introduced it into the India PGA and Asian Tours during the 2012 season with fantastic results.

         Ajeetesh Sandhu cards his first win              Abhijit Chadha cards his first win
   on the Asian Tour using his new                   on the India Tour using his new
        FitChip Fitted Clubs                                 FitChip Fitted Clubs

    Sujjan Singh cards his first win                Vinod Kumar cards his first win
   on the India Tour using his new                on the India Tour using his new
        FitChip Fitted Clubs                                 FitChip Fitted Clubs


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Getting the proper shaft in your clubs can improve your game also.
FitChip is the only Golf Club Shaft Fitting System that addresses getting the shaft back to Straight and Square at ball impact and assuring your best distance and accuracy.

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7. Introduction of a new advanced Digital Teaching system and swing fault finder. Large Button Item "Find Your Golf Swing Faults" and "For the Professional"
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