Get Fitted in Columbus, Ohio or be fitted remotely when we send you the FitChip so you can gather the data needed. Also find swing faults by furnishing a video along with the FitChip data.

Other things you will find on this Site:

1. The scientific relationship of the players swing and fitting the proper shaft to match that swing in "Tech Talk".
2. How the fitting is accomplished. See Menu Item "Club Fitter" or under "Tech Talk"
3. The specifications for the players clubs and how they were arrived at, see Menu Item "Specifications" found under "Club Fitter" or "Player Fitting".
4. Club makers information on purchasing and licensing the FitChip shaft fitting System. See Menu Item Under "FitChip Accessories" found under "Club Fitters".
5. Find Falcon 1 Game improvement System. See Menu Item Under "Golf Professional".
6. responses from Fitters, Players and Tour Professionals in "Testimonials". 
7. Introduction of a new advanced Digital Teaching system and swing fault finder.  In  "Swing Faults" and "Golf Professional"
8. Custom Clubs built to your swing timing found under the "Player Fitting" and " Club Head Components".

9. Swing analysis and training devices under "Swing Trainers".

Check out Closeout SALE  of Lotus starter sets of Irons and Woods as well as Hand Milled Putters under "Club Head Components" or "Sale Items" for Lotus and other make clubs.

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We talk about finding Swing Faults above and to give you a better idea of what we mean play this video. Can you see any swing faults in this slow motion video? Look at the "Swing Faults" pages under​​ "Swing Faults" and "Golf Professional". You will find one major Swing Fault that can not be seen in this video or with the naked eye during lessons but with the addition of the FitChip's digital data it is obvious.

At Perfected Golf Group, ltd. custom golf clubs are fitted by swing timing to get the proper frequency shaft into your clubs that will improve your game. FitChip is the only Golf Club Shaft Fitting System that addresses getting the shaft back to Straight and Square at ball impact and assuring your best Club Head Speed and Accuracy. FitChip data will also show swing faults not recogniseable in any other swing analysis system.

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