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Pricing and availability information on the following make of clubs can be found by clicking on the following supplier's Logos below. By selecting Lotus Golf as an authorized fitting center, now offers clubs that are custom made and hand crafted to match your unique swing timing requirements for each individual club in the set. Each of these make clubs will be built to your swing timing specifications as determined by the FitChip System described on this site.

Most of these supplier's furnish and encourage adjustable heads for their Drivers and possibly Fairway and Hybrid clubs. These clubs are more expensive and for the following reasons we do not endorse their use as a custom golf club for the following reasons:

1. When changing the loft of the club you are also changing the lie of the club as well as changing the face angle of the club (open, closed, or square) all based on which loft you select.

2. Most graphite shafts have a spine caused be overlaps of the sheet material used in their construction. If this Spine is not correctly aligned it can affect the response of the shaft reducing both club head speed and accuracy.

3. the properly aligned and timed shaft frequency determines the peck performance of the club for both club head speed and accuracy. Changing the shaft position in the head will change these performance properties.

4. Spend less and get truly custom fitted clubs that do not need head adjustments.

5. If you need the ability to change lofts a second interchangeable head to put onto the same shaft and in the correct position would be more logical.

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