​​graphite golf shaft in l968 using a filament winding process.  Mr. Hackman built shafts for himself and friends over the next five to six years before quality shafts began to appear in the marketplace.  The fabrication of these shafts is what developed Mr. Hackman's interest in custom club making and then to the concept of Frequency Tuning and Swing Timing with the FitChip Technology. 

Rich Ruddle - Club Maker and Fitter

Born in 1948 in Hot Springs, Virginia, where as a young boy I became friends with Wayne Snead, the nephew of Sam Snead. My mother actually went to grade school with Sam Snead in Ashwood Virginia.

I began playing golf at 10 years of age in Hot Springs Virginia at “The Homestead” 9-hole caddy course, with Nelson Long Jr. who was the son of ”The Homestead” PGA Professional Nelson Long.

Eventually played on the golf team in High School and in College. In 1971 I competed in the NCAA Tournament in Albuquerque N.M.

Became interested in equipment and club repair in the mid 1980's while a member of Franklin Country Club in Franklin Massachusetts. Former Club Champion at Franklin. At one time I was the holder of two course records ,which have long since been broken.

My interest in club repair eventually expanded to an interest in club fitting, and through a variety of contacts I was introduced to traditional swing-speed club fitting where I worked with both the Titleist and the Tommy Armour club fitting systems. Following a move to Columbus Ohio, I had the opportunity to take a part time job as a sales associate with Ralph Maltby's GolfWorks at their Outlet store in Columbus Ohio. I eventually became a full time employee with Maltby and specialized in club fitting using the Ralph Maltby Golfworks clubfitting method.

When the Golfworks outlet store closed I went to work for Perfected Golf Group and learned the FitChip Swing Timing method of shaft fitting to a specific cycle per minute frequency based upon the golfers natural swing timing.​ I have come to realize that this system picks the right shaft for all players at a much higher rate then any other system in the industry.


Lloyd Hackman - Inventor of FitChip Shaft Fitting Technology

Education - B.S., Aeronautical Engineering (Structures), Purdue University, 1952

Qualifications - Mr. Hackman joined North American Aviation (NAA), Inc upon graduation. After three months he was committed to enter U.S. Air Force and was stationed at Edwards AFB, California, as a project manager in the experimental track branch. In August 1954 he returned to NAA.  There he served as a structural analysis engineer, senior R & D engineer and supervisor of the structural composites group where he was active in the early development of Advanced Composite Materials.

Led a group of investors in establishing Ribtec in 1972.  Took over control of Ribtec in 1975 to achieve profitable years from 1976 to 1997 until he retired.

Mr. Hackman has published 30 papers in various fields, contributed a chapter on honeycomb sandwich design in the book "Analysis and Design of Aircraft Structures" by E.F. Bruhn.  Mr. Hackman also holds 15 patents and authored 30 some technical pubications.

It was with this experience that Mr. Hackman first became interested in using advanced graphite            materials in golf shafts.  Mr. Hackman built his first


TEL:       239 910 7815  
E-Mail:   fitchip@hotmail.com

India PGA Pro Gurbaaz Mann accepts a runner up check at an India PGA tournament after returning from a trip to the U.S.A. and being fit for a new set of clubs by Lotus Golf and its Patented FitChip  shaft fitting system.  Gurbaaz was so pleased with the FitChip  system's results that he introduced it into the India PGA and Asian Tours during the 2012 season with fantastic result

​​Our Championship Team

Gurbaaz Mann - Teaching Professional
Founding and Life Member of the Professional golf tour of India,
Member of the Asian tour since 2004
Title victories – 2 Professional (Nepal Open, Business today stroke play)

3 Amateur and 5 Junior
National Team for India for 2 years
Arizona State University Team
National Gold Medalist
Author of the ‘Mann and Jessie Player Development process of Golf’. (N.G.A.I)
Columnist for Golf Digest India 2013. Author of several articles in the media.
Inventor of the Falcon Eye Putting Calibration tool.

    Gurbaaz Mann having played and worked with some of the finest instructors of golf world wide has honed his skills in a comprehensive environment of golf learning teaching and club building. Having worked with the likes of Dr. Donato Di Ponziano, Alessio Cocchi and Jessie Grewal his current coach, Gurbaaz is still performing at the highest level of sport. In addition to playing golf, Gurbaaz has developed a unique game improvement system in golf combining Bio–mechanics and patented technology known as the Fitchip. The original method integrates teaching and club fitting and is known as ‘Positive Co-relation to individual proprioception.’ It is also popularly referred to as the M.S.M.R. (my swing my rules) project and is revolutionary in the custom club industry.  This methodology has proven effective for many tour players who have had their best career finishes within weeks. The M.S.M.R. project is now officially managed and licensed by Falcon 1 Golf Ohio LLC. Gurbaaz has also discovered the effective shaft plane and differentiated it from the visual shaft plane due to the shaft flex and relative club weight it bears.

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