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What is Swing Timing?

The golf shaft is a spring. Depending on the stiffness of that spring it takes a certain amount of time for the spring to recover from the deflected position to the neutral position (for the golf shaft, straight). It is at this neutral position that the golf shaft reaches its greatest effectiveness (maximum speed and… Read more »

How does the quality of these custom golf clubs compare with name brands?

Our main suppliers are Adams Golf, Taylormade, Cobra, Callaway and Tour Edge (main line companies) and Alpha. Each of these companies design their own product and closely control the quality of their product using the same foundries and manufacturing firms being used by the so called top line golf companies. These components are manufactured in… Read more »

Custom Golf Clubs, How Can I Benefit?

Simply stated, You can gain maximum performance in both distance and accuracy. The real question here is how is the proper fitting of the golf club with FitChip’s swing timing approach different than what the OEM and many other club fitters offer? We have had success fitting professionals as well as your below average player…. Read more »

What value are the new interchangeable/Adjustable heads to the player?

What The “Adjust-ability” Rule Means to You? The major club companies, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM’s) have introduced us to the interchangeable/adjustable driver heads as a way of fitting the club to your swing. The latest adjustable shaft fitting changes lofts, lies and face angles. This marketing approach is in response to the… Read more »

Fitting Parameters

What equipment parameters are controlled to make a club that fits YOU? All other fitting systems are designed to select Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) shafts, which are limited in, flex range, while the FitChip system selects frequencies that can be used with any ones shafts, as well as suggesting frequencies for those players outside the… Read more »

Why Do We Fit Golf Clubs Using A L, R, S and X Designations

I had always known that there was no standardization in shaft stiffness’s from one manufacturer to another but felt that within the specific companies there would be a standard for these designations. In my recent work with The Ben Hogan Golf Co. to set up their Club fitting system using a wide variety of shafts,… Read more »

Fitting With FitChip — Shaft Loading and Timing

I would like to redefine “shaft loading” as stated by Jeff Jackson. Even though it can occur at the transition point between back swing and down swing, for most players the peak load occurs at some place during the downswing. The timing of this loading and most importantly the start of unloading is the key… Read more »

The Process of Fitting the Golf Club With FitChip and Swing Timing

What we do not do. Most club fitters will start off with a questionnaire and particularly the question “What is your objective more distance or more accuracy?” We will not ask you this question or past history questions because they are irrelevant to a proper club fitting. The question on distance and accuracy is your first… Read more »

Understanding Shaft Mechanics

Find out how the Golf club reacts during the golf swing and how it affects the proper FITTING of the shaft to your swing, understanding Shaft Mechanics You will find discussions on the following topics: 1. What role does the shaft play in the performance of the golf club? 2. How does the shaft work… Read more »

What Role Does Your Swing Timing Play in Selecting Your Golf Clubs

How many times have you heard the saying “The Golf Shaft is The Engine”? What is being said is that we depend on the Golf Shaft to provide our peak performance. In our automobiles we tune our engines for peak efficiency so why not with the engine of our golf club? So what are we… Read more »

Spine Affects in the Golf Shaft

Spine alignment problems can be caused by two different shaft properties. The first which can be found in any material that shafts are made from is shaft bow or straightness. The second which is predominate in the plastic reinforced shafts such as graphite is a hard side along the shaft caused in most cases by… Read more »

Affects of Centrifugal Force

The following Figures 6 and 7 show the affects of centrifugal force on the golf club. Centrifugal force is that force that you experience when you put a weight on the end of a string and whirl it around. When the weight gets to a certain speed it will pull the string straight and stay… Read more »

The FitChip Test and Analysis Process

The Test For your swing testing you may use the players current clubs or a set of test clubs. We recommend testing be done using the 9 Iron, the 5 Iron, 3 Iron, Hybrid or 5 Wood and the Driver. This insures a sufficient number of data points to establish a slope or curve on… Read more »

How Are We Fitting Golf Clubs Today

Fitting With a Launch Monitor Fitting with the Launch Monitor and that measures the Launch Angle off the tee optimizes the carry of the ball for the shaft and club head combination you are hitting and your club head speed. You must remember however that optimum carry does not mean optimum distance. Again, if you… Read more »