Custom Fitting FAQ

What benefit will I get from your custom clubs compared to store bought or most other club fitters?

The data gathered by the FitChip and presented in chart form by the FitChip will be used in formulating the final specification of the custom golf clubs that fit the players SWING TIMING. This timing is directly related to getting the club/shaft back to straight at ball impact where you achieve your best performance of distance and accuracy. There is no other fitting system on the market that addresses this approach with the exception of trial and error, monitoring performance, which can be limited by time, prejudice and has no way of truly identifying that the shaft is back to straight at ball impact and obtaining peak performance.





Figure 1                                                                      Figure 2
The FitChip gathers club head club head speed data when placed on any club, which is typically shown in Figure 1. From this data we mathematically reduce the club head speed data to produce the club head acceleration curve as shown in Figure 2. This curve is used to locate the time of peak acceleration or shaft release (point at which the shaft starts to kick back, time increment 126) and ball impact (time increment 173). The red line represents the unloading of the shaft, through  1/4  cycle  of   its natural frequency, from the flexed position back to straight and square at impact.

In these figures two different swings are overlaid to demonstrate the players consistency. During the time interval, described by the red line, the club releases/kicks and must return to straight and square at ball impact for peak performance (best combinations of club head speed and accuracy). Matching this players timing with the club depends on the natural frequency of the golf club shaft as a spring. It is this natural frequency that is derived by the FitChip for each swing. The frequencies (blue dots) are for each swing and the average frequencies (red dots) are for four different clubs shown in Figure 3. A line drawn through these points will define the frequencies at which to build each club in a full set of






  Figure 3                                                                 Figure 4

properly fitted custom golf clubs, as shown in the Build-to Table Figure 4. The multiple blue sloped lines in Figure 3 represent the slope the Golf Industry and most Club Builders build sets too. We build your clubs based upon the slope or curve your Swing Timing requires for each club in your set (the red or yellow line in Figure 3). Each club in your set then is your favorite club.

Most standard sets of golf clubs on the market today use identical flex category shafts tipped a consistent 1/2″ increment from club to club, and then butt trimmed to the finished length. This process makes each shaft stiffer by approximately 4.3 cycles of natural frequency as the clubs get shorter. Through thousands of fittings with FitChip, we find that very few players are properly fit with this 4.3 cycle progression as predetermined by club and shaft manufacturers. Just as a standard size, off the rack suit, will not fit properly everywhere on the body, seldom does every club in an off the rack set, fit the players swing timing properly for every club, thus most players with these clubs have a favorite club. Most individuals have a unique curve or line depicting their individual swing timing, and their clubs should be built accordingly Figure 5. Sometimes on straight lines, sometimes on curves, sometimes on positive and sometimes on negative slopes. Everyone is different, and unless you have a set of clubs built with this system, you will never have a fully fitted set of clubs, for which you can say, “every club in my bag is my favorite club.”

How do I schedule a fitting?
We have a club fitter on-site every day but prefer to offer sessions by appointment. Walk-ins will be accommodated on an open slot basis. Please send an email to, or call the Pro Golf Center Shop to check appointment availability at 239-910-7815. You can also arrange for a remote fitting where we can send you the FitChip Shaft Fitting System with instructions on gathering your swing data. See the fitting process at “Fitting Process”.

How long does a fitting session take?
A custom fitting session can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the number of clubs you are being fit for. When you call the pro shop, discuss what you want and we’ll let you know how much time to allocate for your fitting. Additionally, we suggest you come a few minutes before your scheduled appointment and we’ll give you range balls so you can warm-up. As part of this fitting we will be able to have you hit the recommended shaft in a Driver, Hybrid and a 5 Iron before making any buying decision. We can also send you the FitChip Shaft Fitting System with instructions on gathering your swing data and completing your fitting process without visiting us.

Why should I be fit for clubs by you?

Having clubs that are specifically fit to your unique, individual swing will help you hit the ball farther, straighter and more consistently. We are the only Club Fitter that fits by Swing Timing and matches the natural frequency of the shaft to your shaft release timing to insure the club is back to straight and square at ball impact. This is where you get the greatest performance from the club in distance and accuracy.

What happens in a custom fitting session?
​Since the shaft frequency is the key to the best performance of a truly fit Custom Golf Club we concentrate on determining that frequency with our on the club FitChip Fitting System. This system measures how you Load and Unload the golf shaft during your swing and when the shaft kick occurs in the swing. From this information we can determine the shaft frequency that matches your swing timing parameters. Since the USGA has put limits for C.O.R. on the design of club heads your preferred selection will be extremely close to any other club head choice. Lofts and lies will be determined by ball flight when you hit test clubs we furnish for you with the recommended shaft. Grip size and shaft length will be by either your preference or standard measurement techniques.

​For putters, we’ll measure your natural set-up to determine length and hozzel styles that will work with your stance and predominate eye. You’ll test putters while we measure results and then once everything is dialed in, you’ll roll putts on our real-grass putting green to finalize a selection. We’ll also fit you into the proper grip for your putter to ensure no unnecessary hand tension is caused by the grip.

How do I know if I’m good enough to be custom fit for clubs?

You will see the results immediately when you hit the Test Clubs with the recommended shafts. The value of custom fitting is not a function of your ability as a golfer as long as you have played long enough to have established a swing. Many of your swing problems are caused by trying to adjust to clubs that do not fit your swing timing and you end up making changes from swing to swing (chasing the club).

My swing can vary from day to day. How do you accommodate for that issue in club fitting?
Our club fitting process helps to find clubs that make you more consistent. We can find your predominate swing timing and select that frequency for your clubs. Therefore rather then having ill fitted clubs you are “chasing” and making you inconsistent you now have a set that matches your most consistent swing.

Will switching to new clubs drastically affect my game?
Yes, if you are looking for distance, accuracy and consistency. The nicest thing is that you can expect to see the improvement almost immediately.

Aren’t custom-fitted clubs more expensive?
It depends on what you start with. We will not just order a set of clubs for you form a manufacturer because you can not get the true custom built club that-away. Their manufacturing process will not allow them to frequency the shaft to the limits needed or build them on the club to club frequency differential you most likely will need. If we have to start by re-shafting a new set of clubs they are going to cost more depending on the discount we can get on your selected set. We do have other high quality components available (not clones) that would allow us to beat the prices of off the shelf clubs. We are also happy to work with your current set of clubs by re-shafting them.

Do you build custom clubs?
Yes, specifically to your swing timing frequency specifications for each club in your set as well as all other club specifications. The Chart above represents the shaft stiffness/frequency area we can build to. The Red area represents the area for off the shelf shafts. The green area represents shafts that we specify and have made just for us. The most interesting thing we find with this fitting system is that only about 40% of the players we fit fall in the red range of shafts. about 30% of the players fall in each of the green areas above and below the red area.

Who should fit you?
Those that fit by swing timing not club head speed, trajectory only or length and lie only or any combination of these.

Why is club-testing better at a driving range?

​The actual fitting can be done in doors but the testing of the recommended shafts must be done out side or using a launch Monitor so the distance and dispersion on the shots can be evaluated against your current clubs.

What do you charge for a fitting season?
​A single club fitting is $39.95 and a full set fitting is $69.95. If you decide to purchase something this charge is part of your purchase. If you desire only the shaft specifications the cost is as quoted.

What is the difference between being fit at one of the club manufacturer’s facilities and coming to your facility?

The club manufacturer will fit you to the nearest A L, R, S or X off the shelf set on a standard slope or increment between clubs. Where we have found that the Frequency of your club must be within 4 cpm to have the desired performance the A L, R, S or X shaft ranges are 15 cpm wide. When you get the off the shelf club it can be anywhere in that range. That is why you can not just replace a shaft in a club and expect it to play like the one you are replacing unless you install it at the same frequency. There are also no standards for the A L, R, S or X designations between manufactures or even within a given manufacturers models.SeeBlog

What is a Launch Monitor and how do you use it during a fitting session?
A launch monitor is a Radar instrument that records the launch conditions of a golf ball as it leaves the club. It gives information on spin rate, launch angle, carry distance, etc. and allows us to statistically compare the results of different clubs. It helps us to “gap” fit your clubs to make sure you have all your distances covered. Will also use it to determine distance and dispersion for indoor fittings.

Can all club brands be fit for any type of player?

Do fitting rates include testing everything you have?
Yes, but club heads have little or nothing to do with performance as long as the head is built to the limits of the current USGA Specifications.

Should I bring my existing clubs to a fitting session?
Yes. We like to have you compare the performance of your current set of clubs with the test clubs we recommend during the fitting session. Plus, we like you to be comfortable with your swing during testing.

I just purchased clubs somewhere else. Can you fit me for them?
Yes, but it most likely will require re-shafting the new clubs if you want the best accuracy and distance you can get with them throughout the set. However if we find they do fit you we will tell you that.

What is the difference between “men’s” and “women’s” clubs?
Men’s standard shaft length is typically 1” longer than women’s standard. Shafts labeled as “men’s” typically come in four flexes (extra stiff – X, stiff – S, regular – R and senior – A) while women’s typically come in just one flex (light – L). However, it is common for women to play with “men’s” flex shafts.

Do you have hybrid iron sets to test?
Yes, several brands.

I lost or broke a club that was fitted. Can it be replaced?
It depends on how old the club is and if we need to purchase a new head component. If we can euse the old head we can replace the shaft with the same frequency shaft. We keep all customers’ fit sheets on record, so a phone call is all you need to get your replacement. If your set was not built to specific known frequencies we can test the club on either side of the broken club and determine what frequency it should be to fit the set.

How can I add more clubs to my bag than I originally purchased?
We keep each person’s specification sheet on file for every club in the bag if you had a full set fitting. You can always just call us to see if the manufacturer still has the heads.

Do you have X-flex shafts to test?
Yes, as well as XX and XXX plus AA and AAA on the other end of the spectrum.

Do you have left-handed clubs to try?

How do you fit putters?
Both indoors and out on the real grass putting green. We keep a large selection of putters in the shop, so that you can test a variety of lengths, weights, hozzel configurations and head styles.

Can I just come in and try a few demo clubs?
For putters, yes, just come in the shop and hit some balls. However, “Self-fitting” is one of the most difficult things to do and one of the most common mistakes golfers make. When you find one this way and order it, keep in mind that the shaft you get in the one you order my not play like to one you demoed. We do not keep off the shelf clubs in our shop because of that reason. We furnish only clubs built to your frequency, specifically for you.

What is ball fitting and how can it help me?
Ball fitting is matching up your clubs and your swing with the best ball to get the optimal results. Spin my be important to you in the short Irons and distance my be important in the driver, fairway woods and long irons. You my also only be interested in distance or spin individually for all of your clubs. We can evaluate your swing and equipment for each of the three individual cases to find the best ball for each case.

What happens after a fit session and how long does it take to get my new clubs?
You will not be pressured to make a purchase. We keep your personal specifications on our computer regardless of your decision to buy or not. You can expect to have you clubs within 10 day or less depending on what is in inventory and what needs to be ordered for your specific request.

We know you’ll be thrilled with your new equipment after you decide the test clubs you hit are improving your performance.