Advanced Teaching of the Golf Swing

For the Professional







As a Club Professional your personal attention to a wide variety of tasks is necessary to insure maximum profitability for you and your employer. No two shops are the same, and each Professional must decide which products and services make the most sense for his individual situation. Some shops offer a large selection of OEM clubs along with club fitting and repair services; other shops have no interest in retailing anything other than just the basics consisting of “balls and gloves”, and still countless others offer something in between those two extremes.

Perfected Golf group, Ltd.’s on the club data analysis teaching system is shown In the Figure above, the red line in the FitChip data plots the Club head speed during the down swing. The sharp drop in the speed curve is ball impact. The blue line of the data is the shaft loading and unloading during the down swing. The black vertical line near the center of the chart is the time in the swing where the digital data matches the video frame and moves through the digital data you recorded frame by frame. 

Recognized by Golf Digest as one of the top 20 Teachers in America, says:

Since I have been using the FitChip Shaft Fitting System with my students, and even experienced it myself, I am further convinced that properly fitted equipment plays a major role in helping the student achieve his final swing objectives. After fitting my students to equipment based on the timing of their natural swings, I am no longer teaching compensatory swing moves to satisfy ill fitting equipment. I find I can start working with students on the basics of the swing that pertain to their individual body statures, however once they have those mechanics down, the only way to advance any further is to make sure they are swinging properly fitted clubs that match their swing timing.”

“If their equipment does not fit them properly, rather than continuing the lesson with clubs that do not fit, or suspending the lesson until they have invested in a new set of clubs, we can help them finish their lesson with properly fitted equipment through the use of demo test shafts and club heads. These test shafts should be incrementally built to specific frequencies, and use them not only to shorten the learning curve for those taking lessons, but also for those interested in our patented FitChip club fitting service”.

As a Teacher you can use the FitChip system of high speed video in conjunction with the FitChip to analyze your students golf swing for faults that cannot be identified visually. With each swing the FitChip Data will be accompanied by a video of the same swing. The frame speed of the video must be recorded also, so that the FitChip Data timing can be coordinated with the frame speed of the camera. The best frame speed for the video is 200 to 300 frames per second. However, we can use the more standard 30 to 60 frames per second speed but you will lose some ability to pick up the cause of the fault. see “Finding Swing Faults

​Even the most superficial review of industry publications and marketing trends reveals that revenue for most Pro-Shop hard goods, especially golf club sales, is on the decline, yet there continues to be a huge market in the sale of custom fit golf equipment, and this trend in the custom fit market is expected to continue to grow at a tremendous rate. Trying to compete with the big box stores by retailing “off the rack” equipment, and being able to do so at a profit, is a thing of the past for most Club Professionals.

Perfected Golf Group of Columbus Ohio, now offers the Club Professional an economical way to easily enter the custom club fitting market and capture his or her share of this ever growing market through the use of one or more of our FitChip Custom club-fitting and shaft fitting program options. This program outperforms any other fitting system in the market. It is a patented system only available through Perfected Golf Group, Ltd..

Club Professionals using our patented “FitChip” fitting technology to match the exact cycle per minute frequency of the shaft to each golfer’s individual and unique timing parameters produce a custom fit that cannot be matched by any OEM club company or shaft company still using the traditional, but outdated fitting methods involving Age, Gender, Swing Speed or Launch Monitors. The Launch Monitor trial and error system my come the closest to competing but in most cases will fall well short of selecting the shaft that provides the peak performance for the player being fitted.

For more detailed information on the concepts used in the FitChip fitting system see “Golf Clubs 101” and other blogs under “The Blog”

The flexibility in the various levels of participation found in the “FitChip” Club-fitting Program for Club Professional allows one to enter the Custom Club Market with an investment in time and money that makes the most business sense to their individual situation. The more deeply involved in the process one wishes to become, the higher the profit potential.

You may also want to consider the Falcon 1 Game Improvement System which combines club fitting and teaching in a a new and unique way.

Commitment Level #1

This is our entry level program and requires the least amount of time, effort and start up costs, while offering a handsome profit and a unique gift for the host pro. We come to your facility and conduct an “Adams Golf/ Lotus Golf/ FitChip Custom Fitting Demo Day”. The Club Professional simply advertises the event for at least two weeks, sets up as many scheduled fitting appointments as possible, and encourages the balance of his customer base to stop by sometime during Demo Day to experience the advantage of custom fit clubs. He also assures that an ample supply of Range Balls and, if possible, electrical service is available at the practice area. Our Staff arrives on the day selected and takes care of everything else. We conduct FitChip fittings, analyze the results and provide demo test clubs with appropriate shaft frequencies for each participant. We take orders for new equipment sales of both Adams Golf products as well as other component products we offer at our Perfected Golf Group retail Pro Shop in Columbus, Ohio. We also retro-fit existing equipment by re-shafting with the correct frequency shafts. The host professional receives a check representing 10 % of the total retail sales volume generated, and the gift of a free “FitChip” re-shaft for his personal Driver. (Variables to this program are possible, if needed to avoid conflicts with preexisting marketing agreements)

Commitment Level #2

Commitment Level #2 requires slightly more hands-on activity by the Club Professional and a small monthly lease payment commitment, but the trade off is a dramatic increase in profit potential. The Club Professional leases a FitChip fitting unit at a cost of $50.00 per month, and we teach him how to conduct a FitChip fitting. The FitChip data is then downloaded to the Pro’s computer and a copy of the data is e-mailed to our Pro Shop in Columbus Ohio. We analyze the data to verify the correct swing frequencies and then either build new clubs or re-shaft existing clubs, depending upon the sale the Club Professional has made to his client. We give the Club Professional a 15% discount from our regular published retail prices, and he then retails the products to his client at whatever profit margin he determines is appropriate for his situation. With this program an unlimited number of fittings can be conducted every month, and the more fittings scheduled the higher the profit potential.

Commitment Level #3

Commitment Level #3 functions exactly like Commitment Level #2, but with two very important differences. The Club Professional does not lease the FitChip unit, but purchases it at a cost of $1195.00. Subsequent orders received from the pro for new clubs or re-shafting work receive a 20% discount from our regular published retail prices, which further increases the bottom line profit margin.

Commitment Level #4

Commitment Level #4 is popular among those who own their FitChip unit and have ready access to club building and club repair equipment, as it provides yet another opportunity to further increase profit margins. Like the previously described levels, the FitChip swing timing data is sent to us via e-mail and we verify the frequencies for accuracy. At this level we do not actually build or re-shaft the clubs ….instead we supply our FitChip Prescription Shafts ready for installation. You supply us with head weights, hozzel depths, grip weight, finished playing lengths and frequency requirements and we ship them pre-cut to those specifications. You install the shaft in the head, supply the grip and charge the client whatever profit margin you determine is appropriate. Your cost for steel shafts is $25.00 and graphite shafts are $35.00 each. Shipping charges also apply to each order.

Commitment Level #5

Commitment Level #5 offers maximum profit potential for those who want to be involved in every step of the custom club process. The Club Professional purchases the FitChip unit and after initial training,Perfected Golf Group’s involvement is limited to a support role to verify frequency findings. We establish contact between the Club Professional and our FitChip Prescription shaft supplier, so that raw FitChip Prescription shafts can be ordered in any quantity, and drop shipped directly to any address. The cost for any raw graphite shaft under this level is $35 each.

With these different commitment levels Lotus Golf has provided the opportunity for anyone in the Golf Industry to gain access to the ever growing Custom Club Market. We stand ready to offer you our full support in any way possible. If one or more of our programs needs to be modified to work best in your situation, please call us at 239 910 7815. We would be happy to discuss your individual needs.

Using high speed video imagining, FitChip data and being able to track that information with the Perfected Golf Group, Ltd. advanced teaching system of the golf swing, on a frame by frame basis every move within the swing, and at the same time analyze the positive and negative effects that each movement within that swing has on the “FitChip” defined loading and unloading of energy into the shaft. The “FitChip” data will identify swing faults that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Further, as an instructor, imagine the teaching possibilities open to you once you have the capability of letting the “FitChip Player” software identify the exact frame within the video that pinpoints the root cause of any swing fault…especially those so small and so subtle, that the naked eye of even the most experienced instructor is unable to identify them. Finally, imagine being able to provide every student with their own comprehensive lesson plan and visual proof of their improvement under your instruction and you have the basis of our “FitChip Player” Advanced High Speed Digital Teaching System.

Further, put yourself and your business miles ahead of the competition by offering TRULY custom fit and custom built clubs and state of the art video instruction technically superior to anything ever before available in the golf industry.