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   Club Head Components

New and at one time top of the line clubs can be Purchased in three ways:
1. Club Heads only  Iron $2.50 each   Wood $3.00 each
2. Club Head with Steel Shaft installed but not cut to length and without grips   Iron $7.50 each     Wood $8.00 each
3. Finished club to your specified length and grip with steel shaft  Iron $12.50 each    Wood each  $13.00
4. Any Club with a Graphite Shaft  add $20.00 each
​5. Any set of 6 or more clubs will receive a 10% discount. Full set of 9 Irons and 4 Woods for $145.00. Smaller sets (number of clubs) are available at $12.00 each. 
​6. Quantities of 5 or more of any one head, club or set will receive a 20% discount. ​

Drivers are steel heads and undersized compared to today's titanium heads. The fairway woods are very similar to today's fairway woods.

This large inventory is still perfectly new and available for producing high quality Iron and Wood sets at very low prices. They would especially make up into a great starter set. We are offering them as head components or assembled clubs. You can select the make up of your set as any four clubs or more. There are a large number of extra 5 Irons available initially planed to be used as demo clubs and now would be perfect for driving range use.

Driver 9, 10.5, 12       3 Wood 13.5, 15.5            5 Wood 20                 7 Wood 24

               Irons 1 and 3 - 9                                                                 Wedges  PW, SW