Single Length Golf Clubs


Single Length Clubs Promote More Consistent Play by Using Perfected Golf Group’s Custom Golf Club Fitting System

​It has become evident that Single Length Clubs Promote Consistency since Bryson DeChambeau won the US Amateur, and has added three PGA Tour wins as well as finishing in the top 10 regularly, the single length irons have become a way to improve consistency in the game. This is because it promotes a single swing throughout the set of clubs. With the FitChip system we have also promoted the fact that if you match each club in the players bag to the frequency that matches his swing timing for each club the player can consistently use the same swing that they developed for that club. We have also built many sets with all of the clubs having the same frequency or swing timing which promotes a single swing. We have found that this approach has promoted consistency and peak performance in both accuracy and distance. The single length club does go one step further by promoting the best custom golf clubs using the same club position and stance for each club which is even a better argument for a single length/swing set of clubs.

It is still very important to make each shaft in the set to match the players swing timing. The first single length set of clubs we re-shafted was brought to us because they were not as consistent as was expected. Once we did a FitChip fitting with the player and installed the recommended shaft frequency the consistency of ball flight and distance both improved as expected.  Have Perfected Golf Group, Ltd. build or rebuild a set of custom golf clubs for you.

Deriving the Shafts Specification to match your Swing Timing.

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