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     Burner Driver 9.5,10.5,12,15 Degree                                                        Burner Fairway 15,16.5,18,21,23 Degree


These clubs will be built to your custom specifications including the Shaft specifications to match your swing timing. See "Player Fitting" for application to be fitted with the FitChip.

You my find some thing else on the TaylorMade web-site you would prefer a quote on. Feel free to ask for those items in your quote request below.

            Tour Preferred Irons 3-SW.

                 Burner Irons 4-SW                                                                                             PSi1 Irons 3-SW

TEL:         239 910 7815  

        M1 Driver 8.5,9.5,10.5,12.5 Degree                                                                    M1 Fairway 15,17,19 Degree

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               Burner Hybrid 3-6                                                                                                   Mi Hybrid 2-5