The FitChip Test and Analysis Process

The Test

For your swing testing you may use the players current clubs or a set of test clubs. We recommend testing be done using the 9 Iron, the 5 Iron, 3 Iron, Hybrid or 5 Wood and the Driver. This insures a sufficient number of data points to establish a slope or curve on which you would build the set of clubs. The player will swing each club 4 to 10 times to establish sufficient data for a reliable average. This data (up to 40 swings per player and a total of 84 swings) will then be downloaded to a larger computer for further analysis of the players swing pattern.

The Analysis

The larger computer basically makes the same analysis as the FitChip. However, on the larger computer we can actually view the Shaft Acceleration or Load pattern Figure 1 and possibly refine the selected point of release for better accuracy. The following Chart is representative of the type of acceleration data provided by the FitChip. The blue line represents the player’s club head acceleration or shaft load curve. The red line represents the release unloading of the shaft (as a spring) in the swing. The time from the start of club release to ball impact determines the clubs shaft stiffness. The Raw Data and Club Head Speed curve Figure 2 is used to select ball impact. The abrupt drop in club head speed is caused by Impact. Once each of the (up to 40 swings per player) swings have been analyzed and marked “USE” the data can be plotted (small dots) on the following Club Length VS Frequency Curve (Frequency Chart) Figure 3. The larger red dots represent the average of the several selected swings for each club.